Onspot's technology comprises of an fully adaptable platform which can accommodate the specific requirements of the Brand, these can be in terms of Design or Functionality.

The software can be customized to meet their needs & prerequisites as per business demands. Customization can be done to the Mobile App [Design & Developing the Brand's own White-labelled App] which gives it the ability to act as more than just a simple scanning tool, thus giving their Target Group a more worthwhile Value Proposition.

The backend web platform can also be altered to meet functionalities of Data Capture & Reporting.

For instance brands can use the Application to,
1. Authenticate their Products using a Scanner embedded.
2. Track & Trace their Products through Supply Chain.
3. Provide a robust and dynamic Loyalty Management platform, which can be implemented throughout Supply Chain.
4. Warranty Management, to verify and process legitimate warranty claims.
5. Consumer Engagement.
6. Inventory Management.
7. Maintain Distributor Retailer Relationship.
8. Complaint/Feedback Management.

Our Clientele that have opted for our Custom-built Solutions.

Sanofi India Limited Pharmaceutical Authentication through Generic Scanner App
NRB Bearings Bearing's White-labelled Authentication App with Feedback Mechanism
Ozone Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical White-labelled Authentication App with Sample Tracking & Sample Cost-mapping
Surya Roshni Limited Lighting, Fan, Steel, PVC Pipes White-labelled Authentication App with Warranty Tacking & Repair-cost Tracking
Halonix Technologies Lighting White-labelled Authentication App with DLI Tracking