1. A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that more than 40% of people had purchased counterfeit clothing and accessories while around three quarters said they had purchased the item from a retail outlet rather than online.
  2.  | Fifteen people in Transbaikal, Russia killed, dozens hospitalised after consuming counterfeit alcohol, according to ITER-TASS.
  3.   | Two men in the US have pleaded guilty to counterfeiting apps in the first convictions achieved by the federal government.
  4.   | Swiss anti-counterfeit agency Stop Piracy says customs in the country carried out 5,500 seizures of counterfeit goods in the year, with 75 per cent of commercial goods originating from China.
  5.   | BurglarGARD, manufacturer of a do-it-yourself window protection system, warns of counterfeits in US market.
  6.  | Ukrainian chocolatier Roshen accused by Russian authorities of producing counterfeit products, production suspended at Lipetsk factory.
  7.  | Two UK men jailed for fake Durex conspiracy.
  8.   | Fashion retailer Lipsy has won a lawsuit against counterfeiters caught selling fake copies of its products in the UK.