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Brand Enabler

The Onspot platform enables brands to:

  • Provide a solution to their consumers to help them authenticate products using the white label app or a generic Scanner, found in most Smartphones.
  • Track & Trace their Products through Supply Chain.
  • Enable a digital, robust and dynamic Loyalty Management platform for their consumers
  • Verify and process legitimate warranty claims through the Warranty Management module
  • Utilize digital tools for Consumer Engagement.

Mobile Verification Platform


Onspot’s Mobile Verification Platform (MVP), empowers consumers with real time, easy, helpful product information that not only verifies the authenticity of the product but also gives an assurance on the integrity of the products they purchase. Fake and spurious products on being scanned return a negative response based on which brands can take further action.

Geo - Location Platform

Track n Trace

Through the Geo location Mobile platform, brands / manufacturers are able to track their individual products from the plant / factory / warehouse through the entire Supply Chain, including trans-shipping; right up to the distributor or retailer, providing verification that shipments have reached the intended destination. Product diversion issues can be instantly red flagged.

Digital Inventory Platform


The digital inventory platform module can track warranty of products down to the specific time and date of sale to the consumer. Sale transactions are automatically captured without any manual intervention thereby digitally activating the warranty by the retailer or the end consumer. The activated warranty is instantly stored digitally in the back end with time stamp, in real time for future utilization to address any false warranty claims. Replacement & returns are also tracked in real time.

Cloud based Loyalty Solution

Consumer Engagement & Loyalty

The dynamic rewards platform enables a simple and dynamic reward system. Creation of multiple opportunities to receive and redeem bonus points for consumer engagement without the reliance on traditional loyalty cards, coupons or schemes. The cloud based loyalty solution is activated on a simple scan of the product and updated dynamically with every additional purchase or action which leads to additional sales.

Verification and Tracking of products by scanning unique non duplicable QR codes on individual products / cartons with a Smartphone based App or the generic scanner found on most Smarphones.
Seamless integration at the plant/ factory with minimal disruption to the existing manufacturing lines. The cloud based solution can connect to ERP via proprietary API’s.

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