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Mobile Verification Platform (MVP)

Onspot’s Mobile Verification Platform (MVP), empowers consumers with helpful on-demand, real time product information, assurances on the integrity of the products they purchase.

This is done through the simplest of processes. Onspot has created an app that allows real time verification of products through a simple two step system. The app is easily downloadable onto IOS and android phones. Authentication is achieved by scanning the QR code with the mobile app or sending the unique code via an sms and getting verification in real time. The code verifies the product, alerts the buyer and Manufacturer of possible counterfeiting or errors, and marks the end of the data chain (for that product). The Brand sends back an sms confirming or denying verification. The time taken for the complete verification process varies on a buyer’s typing speed, but stays within the range of 5 to 10 seconds. The strength of Onspot’s attack against counterfeits is revealed in the following facts.

  • The authentication or verification is carried out before the purchase, at the point of intended purchase, empowering the buyer only.
  • The method consists of a simple, single step process, achievable in seconds.
  • The power to verify lies with the consumer, putting him/her in complete and total control of the purchase decision..

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