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A unique anti-counterfeiting measure, this solution empowers consumers by providing them with the ability to verify in real time the genuineness of products through our Mobile App or any generic scanner found on most smartphones.

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Allows manufacturers to track goods or products in real time, from the moment they leave the production facility, through the entire distribution chain, to the distributor or retailer. Product diversion issues can be addressed with red flags appearing in real time in the dynamic tracking reports if the shipments are found to have been diverted. Contactless tracking and contactless verification of received goods in real time.

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Provides the Brand /manufacturer with actual, raw market data in real time enabling them to analyze patterns and trends for retail market analysis & solutions.

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CA fully adaptable platform which accommodates the specific requirements of the Brand, be it in terms of Design or Functionality.

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Brand Security & Product Authentication.


  • Provides brand security & product authentication tool through real-time spot checking at the point of sale.
  • The unique codes scanned are non- duplicable and a series of security measures have been built in to prevent fraudulent or repeat usage of the codes.
  • Overt and covert features present in the platform protect the consumer from spurious products.
  • Brands can avail of the additional benefit of direct interaction with the end consumer.

ONSPOT Mobile Tracking Solution.


  • The ONSPOT mobile tracking solution allows manufacturers to track goods or products in real time through a Mobile App.
  • Products are tracked from the moment they leave the production facility, through the entire distribution chain, to the final point of purchase by the consumer.
  • Manufacturers are assured of the transit status of their products at any given point in time, which allows for easier distribution processes and forecasting.
  • Customized & dynamic reports reflect all the above data points in real time including status of shipments received at the intended destination.

Track Sales. Track Customers. Track Trends.


  • Provides the brand/manufacturer with reliable market data which can help in immediate market analysis, sales patterns and trends.
  • Informs consumers about new products through custom-tailored messages.
  • Promotes extremely targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Identifies loyal consumers through the loyalty/ rewards platforms.

Customised Software Solutions. Adaptable to suit Your Brands needs.

Onspot Platform

  • Onspot's technology comprises of an fully adaptable platform to accommodate the specific requirements, in terms of Design or Functionality, of the Brand.
  • The backend web platform can also be altered to meet the functionalities of Data Capture & Reporting.

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